AVR M40FA640

AVR M40FA640

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Generator AVR M40FA640A


Automatic Voltage Regulator 

Marelli AVR M40FA640A is suitable for synchronous generator of MARELLI .


Techinical Data:

1) Supply Voltage:170-277V(50/60Hz)

2)Power Supply:1000 VA (max)

3)Power Dissipated:30W (max)

4)Voltage Sensing:170-270/380-415/440-480V  (three or single phase sensing)

5)Output Voltage(DC): 80V (max,continuous)

6)Output Current(DC):8A (max,continuous)

7)Output Current(DC):15A (max 1 minute forcing)

8)Regulation Accuracy: +/-0.5% steady state conditions,for rated voltage and PF

9)Voltage Drift: +/-0.5% of voltage change for 50°C T amb change

10) Response Time: 1 cycle (12ms-16.6ms)

11)Operating Temperature: -30°C- +70°C

12)exciter Field Resistance: 3.5Ω (min)-20Ω (max)


Weight: 0.88KG 


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AVR M40FA640
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